Wedding Photography and Videography

For most couples, their wedding is the most memorable day in their lives. It’s that one special day when the couple is showered by affection not only from each other but by the grand assemblage of their friends and family who are there to witness the rites of the sacred union between man and wife.

The memories from that day will certainly last a lifetime. However, it’s much better if the couple’s memories are forever immortalized in photographs and videos that will allow them to re-live every special moment that the day. To make sure that happens, Debuts & I Do’s offers comprehensive Wedding Photography and Videography in the islands of Cebu and Bohol.

Our services are renowned throughout the region thanks to our ability to capture stunning audiovisual content from your big day. With a highly experienced team of professional photographers and videographers as well as modern equipment, we have the ability to preserve important moments on paper, tape and digital media.

Included in the package is the professional selection of photos and video editing. We are committed to enhancing and refining the pictures and videos for your best viewing pleasure. In some cases, we’ve even had couples tell us that the photos and videos look better than how they remember seeing the event with their own eyes!

Our services start from the time you and your entourage are making preparations for the big event. We’ll accompany you through your journey to the wedding venue to capture the ceremony in its entirety. Afterwards, we’ll take the post-ceremony photos and video. Finally, we’ll proceed to your reception venue and cover the festivities fully as well. When you hire Debuts & I Do’s, you can be sure that you can forever view the following moments on your wedding day:

  • The bride’s preparation
  • The groom’s preparation
  • The entourage’s preparation
  • Walks down the aisle
  • The wedding vows
  • Your first official kiss
  • The signing of marriage contracts
  • The wearing of wedding rings
  • The wedding toast
  • Reception speeches
  • The cutting of the cake

Call us today to inquire about our wedding photography and videography services in Cebu. Schedule your appointment and we will set up an ideal date to discuss the details of your requirements.