Wedding Cakes in Cebu

No wedding reception would be complete without a cake to serve as the centerpiece on the banquet table. After all, tis pastry isn’t just a big piece of bread with frosting and fancy designs. More than just an overgrown dessert item, it serves a historic and symbolic purpose that adds greater meaning to the sacred union between man and wife.

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Wedding cakes symbolize elegance, blessings and good fortune for the newlyweds. The act of sharing the cake that’s practiced in many receptions stands for the sharing of prosperity between the groom and the bride. Having the guests share he pastry is supposed to invoke good luck for all those present during the nuptial festivities.

You may not realize it, but the tradition of cake sharing dates back to ancient Roman times when people in feasts broke bread over each other’s heads as a sign of good will and to attract good fortune. In Victorian England, the breaking of the cake over a bride’s head symbolizes her transition from a maiden to a devout wife who’ll be serving her husband. While we no longer associate such meanings to wedding cakes in modern times, it’s good to get a sense where our practices and customs came from.

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