Wedding Buffet Catering

Your wedding guests will come home from your nuptials with a lot of memories. They’ll remember how lovely the bride was, they’ll remember the beauty of the venue, and they’ll remember the color themes of your motif. However, the one thing that they’ll remember most for sure will be the quality of the food. A wedding banquet is expected to be as special as the ceremony itself. As such, you need to have the best wedding caterer possible for the job.

One of the things we do well at Debuts & I Do’s is finding the right caterer for your wedding. We’ve been in the Cebu and Bohol wedding planning scene for many years and we’ve organized dozens of successful weddings. During this time, we’ve gotten a firm handle on which caterers render the best service and we’ve built long-standing business relationships with them. This allows us to recommend the best choice depending on your entrée preferences and budget.

Cebu is renowned the world over for elegant and sumptuous dishes. Whether you prefer local cuisine or you’re more inclined towards international flavors, our catering partners can accommodate your needs. Your guests are sure to love our mouth-watering menu of starters, main courses, desserts and beverages.

We specialize in buffet spreads for wedding receptions. Not only is the food that we prepare topnotch in terms of quality – it also comes in great quantities. Our goal is to make sure that each person in your wedding guest list is well-fed and happy.

Our catering services can be summoned to any point of Cebu and Bohol. We can also supply you with the necessary items such as tables, chairs, utensils, cutlery and more. We run a one-stop shop for all your wedding needs. When you entrust your wedding to us, we make sure that you have everything you need for that one perfect day in your life.

Contact us today and inquire about our wedding catering services along with the other things we can help you with on your big day. We are one of the most trusted wedding and event planning firms in all of Cebu and we’re looking forward to adding your wedding to the long list of successful nuptials on our portfolio!