Entertainment and Performances

A wedding can be made even more special when it’s graced by talented performers who can provide entertainment to the couple and their guests. Whether you’re in need of a wedding singer in church, a balladeer in the reception hall, or even a live band, Debuts & I Do’s can help you secure their services for our big day. We are Cebu and Bohol’s premier wedding planners and we have a wide network of talents from the region who can spice up your event.

Depending on the package you choose, you may or may not be able to get access to this service. We often recommend to couples who have some extra budget to avail of this service due to the enhanced experience it will bring to your reception. In addition to musicians, we can also provide your event with an emcee, a DJ and even violinists.

The couples we’ve worked with have all raved about the experience of being serenaded with their favorite songs during the most special day of their lives. Nothing makes a man and a woman reminisce about their good memories and the tough times they’ve overcome quite like songs which remind them of the past and bring the promise of a brighter future. Our job is to make sure that the performers are aware of your preferences and they perform them in renditions that best fit the occasion.

Our performers and entertainers are professionals in their respective crafts. All of them have the requisite talents and experience necessary to let them perform at the highest level even in large-scale social gatherings. In many cases, we have seen people sit in silent awe as our performers take center stage and cater to the whims of the couple as well as the rest of the audience.

Contact us today and schedule your consultation session. We look forward to helping you orchestrate the kind of wedding that you’ve dreamt of since you were young!