Wedding Coordination

Our wedding coordinators will guide you through the entire process of planning for your wedding—from conceptualization to execution.

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Photography and Videography

Capture every precious moment of your wedding day and preserve them in a collection of videos, prenuptial pictures, and photos of your actual wedding day.

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Themed Decorations

We offer themed décors to go with your wedding package. The themes include Beach, Shabby Chic, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Japanese, Spring & Sakura, All-white, Eco Nature, Rainbow Colors, La Vie Parisienne, and Greek.

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Floral Arrangements

From bouquets, flower balls, and headdresses to floral arrangements for aisle pillars, entrance arches, and gazebos, you can count of us to get the best floral ornaments and accessories for your wedding day.

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Hair and Make-up

We’ll make sure that you, the bride—along with the most important women in your life—will look your best on the wedding day.

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Stationery and Calligraphy

We’ll craft stylish and elegant invitation cards that you can send to people who matter most to you.

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Wedding Cake

We’ll whip up a lovely confection that will be the undisputable centerpiece of your wedding reception.

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Wedding Buffet Catering

Each of our wedding packages come with a round of drinks and a beautiful buffet composed of delectable dishes of your choice.

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Bridal Car

We’ll handle your need for an elegant and splendid ride on your most special day.

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Venue Set-up and Management

Our wedding coordinators will see to it that all venue-related aspects of the wedding are taken care of. These include decorations, lights and sound, audiovisual equipment, parking, and so on.

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Entertainment and Performances

Depending on the package you choose, you’ll also get the services of performers on your wedding day. These include singers and violinists during the ceremony, as well as an acoustic band, an emcee, and a DJ during the reception.

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