Why the Poolside Should Be Your Wedding Venue

Nothing beats the ambiance that an outdoor wedding provides. The beauty of a clear, starry night or the dramatic, breathtaking colors of the sunset aren’t something that you can truly replicate indoors. Then there’s the natural lighting and the picturesque views that professional photographers and Instagram-crazy guests simply love. You also don’t need too much in the way of decor, since the natural beauty of the place is often enough to achieve the atmosphere you want.

But an outdoor wedding doesn’t have to be confined to a choice between a beach or a garden. In fact, there’s an underrated outdoor venue for weddings that’s as lovely as it is economical: the poolside. Here’s why we think you should consider having your wedding by the pool.

More Guest-Friendly

Maybe you and your spouse-to-be love the beach and going for a swim. But not all of your guests may like the feeling of the sand between their toes or the balmy sea air, especially in the summer. For a compromise, have your wedding at the poolside at a resort or hotel. You still have the element of water (which is also said to be a symbol of abundance) without having to deal with the inconveniences of the beach.

Another benefit of having a poolside wedding? Easy access to things like clean toilets and a stable internet connection. You and your guests can also take a dip in the pool once the ceremony or official program is over. Just make sure that there’s a lifeguard present, especially if there are kids in attendance.

“Built-In” Honeymoon

For budget-conscious couples, having a poolside wedding at a resort hotel means you already have a honeymoon destination waiting for you after the ceremony. At most, you just need to extend your stay at the hotel for a couple more days and take advantage of services like spa treatments and sumptuous buffet meals.

Debuts & I Do’s offer Bohol and Cebu wedding packages for resort hotels like the Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Vista Mar Beach Resort, Bluewater Panglao Beach Resort, and the Bellevue Beach Resort—all of which have poolside areas. What’s more, these venues are also located near or at actual beaches, so if you want to spend your honeymoon at the sea, you’re very much welcome to enjoy the sun, sea, and sand, too.

Unique Wedding Spread

An indoor venue isn’t really conducive to holding barbecues and other similar activities as plenty of smoke and an enclosed space is bad combination. Holding your wedding reception by the poolside will give you all the open air you need for grilling burgers, steaks, fish kebabs, oysters, other seafood, and more.

Poolside weddings are also great for serving finger food items like tasty finger sandwiches, mini cakes, vegetable rolls, cheese and coldcuts, popcorn chicken and shrimp, and fruit with assorted dips. This is because serving the food this way leaves you and your guests free to roam around and mingle with other people during the reception. Plus, it’s also easier to go for seconds!

Minimal Decorations, All Out in Others

Having a poolside wedding means you don’t have to spend too much on decor. In fact, you can simply focus on the table settings and centerpieces and leave the rest to the natural beauty of the surroundings. At most, you might want to hang strings of lights, set up a canopy (just in case it rains), or perhaps put up some columns or poles for a few additional ornaments.

The savings you make in decorations can then be allocated to another item in your wedding planning checklist. For instance, you want a designer gown or have a premier lensman taking your wedding photos and videos. Or, if you and your partner agree on it, you can even put the money into your “starting a new life fund.”

Having poolside wedding may not be your top choice, but you should definitely consider it if you want a unique and dreamy, yet affordable option for your big day.

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