5 Beautiful Wedding Theme Ideas for Your Big Day

One of the biggest and most difficult decisions you have to make for your wedding day is thinking about the overall theme of the event. However, once you’ve pinned down the theme that you want to pursue, everything else will follow: the outfits of the wedding entourage, the look of the bouquets and floral arrangements, the design of the invitations, the venue decorations, and all things in between.

The Internet is a good place to start looking for wedding theme inspirations. Just Google the words “wedding theme” and more than 70 million results will turn up! Browsing through all these articles, videos, and photos may be a bit overwhelming, however. To help narrow down your choices, our Bohol and Cebu wedding planners at Debuts and I Do’s have come up with some of the most beautiful wedding theme ideas that you can consider for your big day.

Vintage Wedding

If you and your partner love tradition and prefer the elegance of Old World beauty, then a vintage wedding theme might be the perfect match for you. Laces and pearls are crucial elements for the bride’s gown and accessories, while a classic tuxedo with a bow tie will work best for the groom.

Off white, cream, and ivory are the most common color schemes for a vintage wedding. Add a splash of color by selecting more muted shades like sunset gold, dusty pink, dusty rose, or a soft powder blue. For wedding decor and accessories, bring in elements like latticed birdcages, canvas or wooden suitcases, vintage tea sets, leather-bound books, and typewriters. Cloths like lace and silk or satin are also reminiscent of bygone eras, so you might want to incorporate those in table settings, invitations, and even wedding favors.

Shabby Chic

A shabby chic wedding is similar to a vintage one in that it incorporates old world charm. However, while a vintage wedding calls for polished elegance, shabby chic can be a bit more casual with a homey warmth and quirky touches here and there.

Pastels are the most ideal colors for a shabby chic theme, although you are free to mix-and-match patterns as well. You don’t even have to go “matchy-matchy” with your flowers, decor, and table settings. Just be sure to choose complementing, not clashing elements.

Lace is also a prominent element in a shabby chic wedding, especially in the bride’s gown or dress. You can top it off with a headdress and bouquet of wildflowers. You can also have the groom’s boutonniere made of the same elements.

Minimalist or Contemporary

Clean lines and understated decorations have their unique brand of charm that also works well for the no-fuss couple. You can choose a monochromatic, black-and-white, or even an all-white color scheme — from the bride’s dress (yes, not a gown) and groom’s suit, down to the wedding cake.

Candles, dark green foliage, gold- or copper-toned tableware, glass bottles and mason jars, and cloth ropes are among the most popular design elements included in a minimalist wedding. For wedding favors, go the practical or organic route. Try fresh coffee grounds or small succulents in geometric vases.

Japanese Springtide

The world-famous Sakura flowers or cherry blossoms are a critical element for a Japanese-themed wedding, making pale pinks a popular color scheme for this motif. Red is also a great choice because it symbolizes good luck and auspicious beginnings. You can incorporate these in the decor, which can include parasols, Japanese screens, fairy lights, and bamboo placemats for the table settings.

High-quality sake can replace the wine for the wedding toasts. You can also include Japanese green tea in your options for after-dinner drinks, or even have matcha-flavored cupcakes as party favors. Meanwhile, ceremonial kimonos can serve as an inspiration not only for the wedding attire but also for the flower arrangements, table cloths, and window or ceiling drapes.

Beach Theme

The Philippines has many world-famous beaches, which is why the sun, sand, and surf is a common theme for a lot of weddings in the country. You can be more experimental with the color schemes too. From sunny, peachy pinks and oranges to bright blues and greens, almost any color can work in the outdoors.

But who says you have to be at an actual beach to have a beach wedding? Incorporating elements like corals and seashells in the bouquets and boutonnieres, table settings, and wedding favors is one of the easiest ways to bring a touch of the sea into any beach-themed wedding. Lightweight fabrics like linen are also great choices for wedding attire and decor.

Have you made your choice yet? Whatever theme you pick for your wedding, we at Debuts & I Do’s can help you turn those ideas into your dream wedding reality! Check out our Cebu and Bohol wedding packages today to learn more about what we offer and how you can incorporate some of the themes mentioned above into your wedding motif.

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